SharePoint Consulting

Michael Atkins offers a consulting service in various aspects of SharePoint analysis, planning, implementation, training and customisation. 

Any SharePoint implementation is a major investment in money, time and effort, with due and appropriate rewards to be repaid  It is therefore worthwhile to analyse and plan appropriately.  SharePoint can easily be misunderstood, and does not fit traditional categories of software systems or applications, and so requires understanding and insight in all phases of planning, development and implementation.

Michael provides insight into information needs and usage, along with a realistic assessment of what can be accomplished with SharePoint implementations, or custom solutions.

SharePoint Server 2010Assessment of SharePoint

I can assist small to large organizations with assessing the potential value of a SharePoint implementation.  You can expect realistic advice with a clear focus on the value that SharePoint could deliver. 

For me, the key lies in educating business decision-makers about the potential and the pitfalls of SharePoint. 

Assessment of Needs

Information usage and requirements can be difficult to pin down.  I can assist all types of organization through interviews and surveys aimed at discovering what information is held by an organisation, and how this can be most effectively turned into value through a SharePoint implementation.  An information audit can uncover many bottlenecks and areas of potential improvement.  Most important of all is the process of capturing this analysis in a clear written statement.

Planning and Design

This is where thorough and painstaking work is needed to map out a system to meet the realistic requirements of the organization.  Working closely with key business stakeholders, I can document a clear statement of what must be accomplished, and how this will be done.  The key ingredient is the ability to bridge the business requirements and the technical understanding to create a workable solution.

SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint Designer workflows represent a real breakthrough in making workflows accessible to a much wider range of organizations.  I can assist with all processes, from conceptualization to design to implementaion and then documentation and user training.  Very exciting in SharePoint 2010 s the ability for business users to create